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Our mission at Zest Labs is to help reduce the massive post-harvest fresh food waste through prevention by proactively managing the fresh food supply chain. More than 33 percent of post-harvest food is never consumed. Our solutions reflect our goals of improving the environment through sustainable practices, improving profitability for users, and improving the delivered freshness for consumers. We achieve these goals by providing complete solutions that modernize fresh food distribution. We continuously strive to deliver best-in-class solutions by addressing the science at the root of the problem, then provide the tools that make it easy to do “the right thing” every time.

Our Zest Fresh solution enables growers, packers, shippers, distributors and retailers to proactively monitor and manage food freshness in the supply chain, providing the ability to reduce waste by 50% or more and improve product margins by six percent or more. To learn more, please read our FAQ and Reference Guide.

“The opportunity is to dramatically improve the quality consistency of perishable food for consumers and retailers worldwide… all while significantly reducing the massive 30% post-harvest waste, improving food safety and supply visibility… delivered with a positive cash flow solution.”

– Peter Mehring, CEO, Zest Labs

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Management Team

Peter Mehring

Chief Executive Officer

Peter Mehring is the CEO and a co-founder of Zest Labs, and is also the President of Zest Technologies (OTCQX:ZEST) and serves on its Board of Directors. He brings extensive experience in engineering, operations and general management at emerging companies and large enterprises. Peter has led the Zest Labs’ efforts in pioneering freshness management solutions for the cold supply chain. The company’s Zest Fresh solution improves food quality, reducing waste, and benefiting the environment by modernizing the food distribution and delivery system. He was formerly Vice President of the Mac hardware group at Apple Computer, Senior Vice President of Engineering at Echelon, and founder, General Manager and Vice President of R&D at UMAX. Peter has a BSEE from Tufts University and holds 17 US patents.

Russell Shikami

Senior Vice President of Operations

Russell has extensive experience in operations and engineering management at both emerging and large enterprises. He was formerly Vice President of Engineering and Materials at Echelon Corporation, Vice President of Operations at Philips Electronics for Flat Display Systems, and Vice President of Operations and Engineering at UMAX.

Scott Durgin

Chief Technology Officer

Scott has over twenty five years’ experience in the high technology field across enterprise, consumer, and early-stage ventures. He was founder and Chairman of Aligned Global, 440labs’ predecessor. He was Founder & CEO of Buyjacker, a real-time showrooming marketplace with a social commerce twist and was SVP Products & Operations at AdessoSystems, a Carlyle-backed venture in the distributed mobile application space. Previously he was CTO at GotuitMedia where he and his team broke new ground in consumable time-shifted, online video services, and before that was CTO at iCast, a first-of-its-kind consumer-based interactive entertainment portal for both commercial and user-generated content. Scott spent ten years at IBM/Lotus where he co-created Sametime, the fastest revenue-growing product line, and headed up the Product Management team for Lotus Notes, what was then a $680M product line.

Tom Reese

Vice President, Business and Program Management

Tom has comprehensive experience in market development, sales and engineering from start-ups to large enterprises. Prior to Zest Labs, Tom led Motorola’s Cold Chain Market Development and supported other industries including pharmaceuticals, healthcare, retail, transportation and logistics. Prior to Motorola, Tom founded a CRM software solutions company in the hospitality market.

Tom Solomon

Vice President of Retail Sales

Tom is an experienced sales executive in the retail, technology and financial services industries and is highly accomplished in sales leadership and client relationship management. Tom focuses on understanding the problems and challenges at hand to help uncover solutions to improve the customer’s operations, profitability and quality. He has been a sales leader at InAuth, BlackHawk. Altierre and InComm. He holds a bachelors degree from Indiana University at Bloomington.

Kevin Payne

Vice President of Marketing

Kevin heads up marketing for Zest Labs. He has successfully directed marketing teams at startup and mid-sized technology companies. Most recently Kevin ran global demand generation programs for [24]7, a SaaS customer engagement and artificial intelligence company. He has also led corporate marketing, branding and PR programs at Intelleflex, Evault, and Portal Software. Kevin holds a BA in Marketing Management from San Jose State University and an MBA from Golden Gate University.

Dean Kawaguchi

Director of Technology

Dean has 29 years of wireless communication systems, protocol standards, and signal processing algorithm design experience and leads Zest Labs’ standards, reader architecture, signal processing design, and solutions engineering programs. Dean spent 12 years in various design/management roles at Symbol Technologies designing wireless LANs and 10 years at TRW developing satellite communication systems. He also chaired the Physical Layer sub-group of IEEE 802.11 for 4 years.

Ricardo Badia

Consulting Agronomist

Dr. Ricardo Badia has over ten years of experience in cold chain management of perishable, food and pharmaceutical products, including fresh produce quality analysis. In 2011 Ricardo was awarded the Young Researcher National Award of the Horticultural Science Spanish Society for his master’s thesis. He has worked developing cold chain innovative solutions at the University of South Florida, and at the National Engineering Research Centre for Information Technology in Agriculture (NERCITA, Beijing, China) as part of a Marie Skłodowska-Curie International Research Staff Exchange Scheme. Ricardo obtained his PhD in Agro engineering in the Polytechnic University of Madrid (UPM) where his thesis focused on the application of new control techniques and methods for the cold chain and has received the Extraordinary Award of Doctoral Thesis in 2019 by the UPM. He has also published his work in distinguished scientific journals, and different international congresses.

Advisory Board

Western Precooling

Craig Miller

President, Western Precooling Systems

Western Precooling Systems has been the partner of choice for over 70 years for growers and shippers to get fresh, healthy produce from the field to their customers. The company is at the forefront of precooling processes and systems, leading the industry and supporting its customers in providing the best produce possible throughout the world. At over 100 sites throughout the West's primary growing regions, Western Precooling and its associated companies deliver the experience, services, equipment and peace of mind that growers and shippers need.


Gary Pasquinelli

President, Pasquinelli Produce Company

Gary Pasquinelli is a second generation farmer of fresh vegetables and melons in Yuma, Arizona. Pasquinelli Produce has been a grower-shipper for more than 50 years, harvesting 9,000 acres of winter vegetables, including iceberg, red leaf, green leaf, butter and romaine lettuces, cauliflower, broccoli, celery, fennel and spinach. The company has grown vegetables for Dole Fresh Vegetables, Duda Farm Fresh Foods, Inc. and Steinbeck Country Marketing since 1993. It also grows winter vegetables for Ippolito and Growers Veg. Express. In addition, the company grows, harvests and markets its own line of seedless watermelons.

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