Zest Fresh for Growers, Retailers and Restaurants

Zest Fresh for Produce

The future of fresh food supply chain management.

Zest Fresh™ for Produce provides suppliers and retailers with autonomous, end-to-end fresh supply chain visibility for proactive decision making. Retailers, restaurateurs and suppliers can improve operational efficiencies and delivered freshness to reduce shrink by 50% or more, increase margins by 6% or more and improve customer loyalty by consistently providing the best produce.


Pallet-Level Visibility

Zest Fresh uses IoT sensors to monitor the handling and quality of each pallet of produce beginning in the field, enabling seamless matching of the customers’ freshness needs with the actual produce freshness and monitoring adherence to critical fresh supply chain process metrics.

Zest Fresh

  • Ensures consistent delivered freshness, reducing rejections, out-of-stocks and shrink
  • Improves margins and profitability
  • Provides complete supply chain visibility with real-time web-based dashboards and event-driven notifications
  • Increases operational efficiencies that drive freshness and reduce costs
  • Provides true transparency with integrated blockchain support
Zest Fresh Check!

Zest Fresh for Produce is optimized for growers, packers, shippers, grocers, restaurateurs and food service companies. Learn more about how Zest Fresh benefits each by selecting the appropriate selection below. You can also learn more about Zest Fresh customer use cases and how Zest Fresh compares to other post-harvest solutions.