Zest Fresh for Growers, Retailers and Restaurants

Zest Fresh™ is the post-harvest freshness management solution for today’s produce industry. It provides growers, shippers and retailers with autonomous, end-to-end cold chain visibility for proactive decision making to improve delivered freshness and reduce shrink by 50% or more.

By intelligently managing the handling and quality of each pallet of produce beginning in the field, Zest Fresh enables seamless matching of the retailers’ freshness needs with the actual produce freshness while monitoring adherence to the grower’s processes. Zest Fresh:


  • Improves delivered quality and reduces rejections and claims at the distribution center and shrink at the retailer
  • Provides complete supply chain visibility with true transparency with real-time, event-driven notifications, enabling workers to do the right thing every time
  • Increases operational efficiencies by optimizing processes that drive freshness
  • Provides true transparency with integrated blockchain support for food safety and traceability
  • Improves margins and profitability for growers and retailers

Zest Fresh Use Cases

Zest Labs works with leading growers, processors, distributors, shippers and retailers on deployments and pilots to improve delivered freshness, reduce waste and improve operational efficiencies in the fresh food supply chain.

Here is a sample of the use cases that Zest Labs has successfully executed.

Freshness Management of Strawberries for Retail: Monitor, evaluate and manage freshness / shelf-life for California strawberries shipped through nationwide distribution for a national retailer.

Shelf-life Distribution of Grapes: Monitor and evaluate the shelf-life distribution for California grapes being delivered to a leading retail grocer.

Operational Efficiency: Monitoring and analytics of asset utilization for a leading berry provider to reduce cycle times and improve efficiency at multiple locations for processing and packing operations.

Blackberry Harvesting, Processing and Shipment to Distribution Centers: Evaluate the variation and impact of the pallet-level temperatures on delivered shelf-life of imported blackberries with a leading international berry supplier.

Blueberry Harvesting and Processing: Manage product from the field to the packing house for sorting and to pack out for shipment for a national grower.

Freshness Management for National Distribution: Pallet level freshness monitoring and management of organic strawberries for a national distributor.

Lettuce Processing: Monitor and improve post-harvest processing and packaging based on its impact to shelf-life for a leading provider of California and Arizona grown lettuces and other products.

Real-time pallet level monitoring and feedback for precool operations: Provided visibility to product temperature while pre-cooler was in operation, improving efficiency in unloading procedure. Also coupled with pre-cooler loading optimization based on monitoring incoming pallets cut-to-cool time and harvest temperature. The real-time visibility improved operational efficiency and product process compliance.

Solution Overviews

Produce Growers

How Zest Fresh™ helps growers improve consistency of delivered produce quality.

Retail Grocers

How Zest Fresh helps retail grocers maximize product quality and freshness of produce, meats, seafood, dairy and frozen foods.

Restaurants & Food Service

How Zest Fresh helps restaurants and food service providers maintain quality of fresh, frozen and processed foods.

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