Zest Labs suite of freshness management solutions improve operations and the delivered shelf-life of produce and proteins for growers, suppliers, distributors, grocers, restaurants and food service companies.

Zest Fresh for Produce is a produce freshness management solution that provides growers, shippers and retailers with autonomous, end-to-end fresh food chain visibility for proactive decision making to improve delivered freshness and reduce shrink by 50% or more.

Zest Fresh for Protein is a protein freshness management solution that provides true transparency for meat, seafood and poultry with autonomous, end-to-end fresh and frozen food supply chain visibility to improve delivered quality, reduce spoilage due to temperature and handling variations, document authenticity, and provide a complete traceability record for advanced food safety.

Zest Delivery is a restaurant food delivery solution that provides comprehensive visibility and control over dispatcher monitoring, meal staging, customer satisfaction and food safety.

Our Zest Fresh solution is a SaaS-based system that utilizes predictive analytics, machine learning and IoT sensors to autonomously collect data and provide insights about the condition of perishable foods from harvest or production to retail delivery. Zest Labs freshness management solutions are compatible with IntelĀ® architecture and Zest Labs is a proud participate in the Intel IoT Alliance.