Zest Labs is a post-harvest AgTech Company with proven solutions for shelf-life and freshness management. Zest Fresh reduces food waste and improves operational efficiencies, product margins and profitability for growers, processors, distributors, 3pls, restaurants and grocers.

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CEO Peter Mehring explains how Zest Labs is working to modernize fresh food distribution by delivering proactive shelf-life management solutions that have been proven to reduce field-to-shelf food waste by 50% or more. Reduced waste means better margins for retailers and growers, and consistent delivered freshness for consumers.

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Big Differences in Produce Shelf Life, Study Finds

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Research Finds Produce Freshness Varies

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Fresh Food Supply Chains Go Digital

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Pallet-level Quality Management for Fresh Produce from Harvest to Store

Zest Fresh for Produce empowers workers with real-time tools and alerts that improve efficiency while driving quality consistency through best practice adherence on every pallet and improve product margins.

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Freshness Management for Today’s Beef, Poultry, Pork and Seafood Industries

Zest Fresh for Protein provides true transparency for proactive decision making to improve delivered quality, reduce shrink and spoilage, document authenticity, improve food safety.

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On-demand Meal Quality Visibility from the Restaurant to Consumer Delivery

Zest Delivery monitors and maintains meal conditions staged for instant delivery at premium quality, and provides dispatchers with real-time visibility of availability and quality.

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