Zest Fresh™ is the post-harvest freshness management solution for today’s produce industry. It provides growers, packers, shippers and processors with autonomous, post-harvest quality and process visibility for proactive decision making to optimize operational efficiencies, reduce costs and improve delivered freshness.

Zest Fresh for Growers, packers, shippers and processors:

  • Increases operational visibility and efficiencies that drive freshness and reduce costs
  • Provides post-harvest quality and process visibility with real-time, event-driven notifications, enabling workers to do the right thing every time
  • Improves delivered quality and reduces rejections and claims at the distribution center

Zest Fresh is comprised of three complementary product offerings. Each product offering provides increased levels of visibility and management of your fresh supply chain and runs on the                Zest Fresh platform.

Zest Fresh | Insights

Measure shelf-life variability and identify primary factors impacting shelf-life.

Measure product shelf-life variability, benchmark product quality

  • Establish a baseline of your produce’s shelf-life variability.
  • Compare results to your supply chain’s shelf-life requirements.
  • Benchmark produce quality and shelf-life performance.
freshness testing

Identify causes of shelf-life variability, implement corrective actions

  • Identify primary factors impacting your produce’s shelf-life.
  • Determine where in the process these factors occur.
  • Implement corrective actions.
  • Confirm corrective actions improve shelf-life.

Zest Fresh | Insights is a turnkey program managed by Zest Labs at your location or one of our local laboratories.

Zest Fresh | Metrics

Confirm products meet process and quality metrics that ensure shelf-life.

Improve margins on produce and reduce rejections and waste by improving the management of your post-harvest processes. Zest Fresh | Metrics uses innovative IoT sensors and powerful SaaS-based data analytics to track and monitor produce in real-time and at the pallet level from the field through the supply chain and provides the visibility you need to confirm the produce you are shipping meets or exceeds your process and quality metrics.


The Zest Fresh | Metrics implementation is simple, scalable, low touch and easy to deploy.  It requires only IoT sensors – ZIPR Tags – and a tag retrieval bin to collect and manage vital process metrics.  Options are also available that increase efficiency and provide real-time process visibility.

Core Zest Fresh | Metrics provided for each pallet includes:

  • Harvest Time and Temperature
  • Precool Start/End Time
  • Precool Time
  • Precool Temperature
  • Cut-to-Cool Time
  • Temperature Handling
  • Precool-to-Shipping Time
  • Shipping Age
  • Plus more…

Zest Fresh | Metrics   How it works…

Simple, Scalable, Low Touch Deployment

How it Works

Zest Fresh | Metrics Options

In addition to the core metrics, additional metrics and real-time process visibility can be provided, as needed, through the options below. These options can be added independently or in combination.

Field/Yard Management Option

Track harvest, field, yard and cold storage put-away times at the pallet level, receive notifications when pallets arrive at the pack house exceeding field time/temperature targets and/or when yard processing times exceed process time targets.

  • Online reports break out each process step, including field, yard and cold storage put-away times.
  • Real-time alerts notify you when pallets arrive at pack house exceeding field time and/or temperature targets or when yard processing times exceed process time targets .


Precool Management Option

Monitor real-time pallet precool entry/exit times and temperatures, and real-time precool progress for each pallet (forced air precoolers), receive notifications on precool exceptions or when precool is complete.

  • Online reports track precooler performance for each precool tube/vent.
  • Real-time alerts notify you on precool exceptions (e.g. freezing conditions, incomplete precool) or when precool is complete.


Zest Fresh | Optima

A next generation fresh supply chain management solution using powerful predictive analytics to intelligently route produce based on the actual remaining shelf-life.

Build your brand based on freshness, maximize margin, reduce rejections and waste, and increase customer satisfaction. Zest Fresh | Optima provides powerful real-time predictive analytics to make the right decisions for intelligent pallet routing when managing your fresh produce in the fast-moving, always-on supply chain.

Develop Detailed Product Profiles

  • Specific to your produce variety and geographic harvest location.
  • Characterize and model primary factors’ impact to shelf-life.
  • Proven characterization process and powerful data analytics continue to validate and update the model throughout and across growing seasons.

freshness testing

Intelligently route, rotate and merchandise produce.

  • Rotate inventory and route produce based on the actual remaining shelf-life.
  • Match pallet remaining shelf-life to order requirements, optimize produce value and maximize margins.
  • Confirm produce meets shelf-life requirements prior to shipping.

Build your brand based on freshness

Confidently guarantee produce shelf-life for your customers using accurate data driven predictive shelf-life analytics.

The Zest Fresh Platform

Zest Fresh is built on a cloud-based platform which simplifies the IoT-based Supply Chain, scaling from simple through complex ecosystems.  SaaS-based, real-time, event-streaming architecture seamlessly harnesses business and autonomously collected sensor data enabling on-demand business solutions. The system is highly configurable, providing the ability to operationalize changes in hours not months, matching the challenges of today’s dynamic business climate.

  • High availability for scale and resiliency: cloud-scale capacity is dynamically responsive to load based on real-time, real-world activities; provisioned by locale with geographic redundancy. Available for public, private or hybrid deployment scenarios.
  • Modern mobile applications: easily configurable and deployable mobile applications that support occasionally connected scenarios, with an intuitive user experience.
  • Event-based architecture: normalizes unpredictable, massive streams of real-time activities and data providing more responsive system services using a scalable, micro services architecture allowing users to focus on building business value.
  • No code configuration: metadata-driven data definition and process flow maps supporting dynamic rendering and execution of user interfaces, business rules, workflow and system integration, reducing system complexity and shortening time to results.
  • Turnkey Blockchain support: built-in, no/low cost Blockchain integration with selectable transaction publishing and adaptable smart contract support for B2B & B2C transparency.

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