Zest Fresh
Quality Management from
Harvest to Store
Empower workers with Zest real-time tools and alerts
that improve efficiency while driving quality consistency
through best practice adherence on every pallet.
Pallet-level Time & Temperature Tracking
When harvest gets busy, pallets can back-up waiting for pre-cool processing. Zest helps track and prioritize pallet staging for pre-cool, dynamically matching outbound shipment requirements with incoming product quality and availability. Workers can “see” pallet cut-to-cool time and temperature, empowering informed decisions and consistent adherence to best practices.
Pre-Cool Prioritization & Monitoring
Zest pre-cool monitoring wirelessly tracks product pallet temperatures, accurately reflecting actual product temperature without stopping the process for manual checks. Workers know at a glance when pre-cool is complete for all pallets. Zest increases efficiency and improves quality consistency based on thorough pre-cooling of each pallet.
Zest Intelligent Pallet Routing
Product quality and remaining shelf life can vary by pallet and should be matched with customer order requirements. Zest optimally matches product to orders and qualifies each pallet according to purchase order requirements, including freshness, alerting in real-time if a pallet is unfit for a specific order. Zest makes it easy to ship the right pallet with the right order every time.
Real-time In-transit Monitoring
Transportation can be a blind spot in the supply chain, as critical product condition monitoring is often incomplete. Zest provides exception based notifications of non-compliance well ahead of receiving based on continuous pallet level monitoring and real-time trailer monitoring. Early notifications are critical to empower workers to take effective corrective actions.
Remote Visibility
Zest provides remote visibility to the customer when a shipment is loaded, confirming both pallet quantity and quality requirements are met. Zest also provides the shipper visibility when the shipment is unloaded, reflecting in-transit handling conditions for each pallet. Quality status at receiving, including accept/reject, can also be shared generating alerts when issues occur.
Freshness Quality Management
Visual inspection is used to verify remaining freshness, but fails as it only detects notable change in the last stages of freshness, proving inaccurate in earlier stages. Using comprehensive quality data and dynamic shelf life models, Zest accurately assesses remaining freshness in all stages, enabling smarter routing decisions and more accurate validation of received product.
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