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Why Retailers Need a Fresher Approach

As the perimeter of the grocery store outpaces growth in other food and beverage categories, food retailers looking for ways to drive more sales are focused on fresh. New IRI research shows that shoppers expect retailers to offer more fresh food than ever before, to educate them about the food, and to curb food waste, a growing movement in the food industry.

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Amazon-Whole Foods One Year Later: The Grocery Business Will Never Be the Same

Whole Foods doesn’t look much different since Amazon bought it a year ago. To find the big changes, look at the rest of the grocery business. Incumbents like Kroger, Costco, and Target have taken aggressive steps, in store and online, to wall off Amazon. Costco has rolled out two-day home delivery for dry groceries, joined with Instacart on same-day delivery for fresh items, and partnered with startup Zest Labs to keep produce fresh as it travels through the supply chain.

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Eliminating Food Waste Within the Berry Market

The problem of waste has some invisible causes within the fresh food supply chain. In this day and age, why can’t this waste be prevented? The fact is this issue can be prevented, but because so much of the fresh food supply chain relies on outdated approaches to quality and freshness management, the problem persists.

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How Costco Thrives in the Amazon Era

Costco has created a bulwark against Amazon by keeping a lid on costs and using membership fees to offer better prices than competitors. Costco has been trying to strengthen its fresh foods, recently announcing a partnership with startup Zest Labs to make sure produce stays fresh longer.

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Zest Labs’ CEO Comments on Recent Costco Partnership and Walmart Lawsuit (Includes Video)

Costco Wholesale, one of the largest retailers in the world, has partnered with California-based agtech company Zest Labs to enhance and improve their fresh food supply chain. The retailer will be utilizing Zest Labs’ Zest Fresh technology to manage and forecast the freshness of their produce products, which in turn could help them to reduce food waste and save money.

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Zest Labs CEO Takes on Walmart With $2 Billion Lawsuit

Silicon Valley start-up Zest Labs sued Walmart this week, claiming the company stole its original technology that keeps produce fresh while in transit. Zest CEO Peter Mehring discusses with Cheddar, a live streaming financial news network broadcasting live from the floor of the New York Stock Exchange.

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Walmart Hit with $2B Lawsuit Over Produce Technology

“Instead of licensing the Zest Fresh technology given Walmart’s manifest need for it — and the mounting pressure it faces from Amazon and other competitors — Walmart misappropriated it without paying for it,” the complaint, which is filed with redactions to protect proprietary information, reads. “Plaintiffs file this lawsuit to protect their trade secrets and recover the billions of dollars that Walmart will save as a result of its unlawful conduct.”

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Walmart Hit with $2 Billion Complaint from Zest Labs

Agricultural tech company Zest Labs and its parent company Ecoark Holdings Inc. have filed a $2 billion complaint against Walmart, claiming that the retail giant unfairly and illegally used its Zest Fresh intellectual property in the development of Walmart’s Eden food freshness technology.

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Costco Enhancing Fresh Food Supply Chain with Agtech

Costco Wholesale has tapped freshness management solutions provider Zest Labs to enhance its fresh food supply chain. The wholesaler is utilizing the Zest Fresh solution to further define and verify best practices that ensure delivered freshness for their produce. The solution will also provide end-to-end fresh food supply chain visibility.

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Solutions for Food Waste

There’s always two sides to the same coin: on the one side, those in our industry are tackling the goal of feeding many with delicious, fresh produce; but on the other side, there’s excess and waste that comes with the territory. However, companies like Zest Labs have taken it upon itself to remedy food waste as a rising problem in our industry and world.

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Costco Taps Zest Fresh to Improve Produce Supply Chain

Costco Wholesale has selected Zest Labs’ Zest Fresh solution to further define and verify best practices that ensure delivered freshness for its produce and provide end-to-end fresh food supply chain visibility. The solution helps reduce waste, which further enables Costco to maintain its low prices for fresh food.

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Fresh food is getting fresher at Costco

AgTech company Zest Labs said Costco was using its Zest Fresh supply chain solution to further define and verify best practices that ensure delivered freshness of produce. Zest Labs is modernizing the post-harvest fresh food supply chain with innovative technology solutions that provide true end-to-end supply chain visibility that helps improve sales and reduce food waste.

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How IoT Improves the Fresh Food Supply Chain

Every company is obsessed with data. They rely on it to make better decisions that improve their business and effective data capture helps leaders gain a clear view into their operations. However, data collection is only as valuable as the usable insights that it provides.

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Go Beyond Dashboards to Gain Breakthrough Business Insights from Your Data

Using a dashboard to report on business status offers stakeholders a quick, high-level view–but a targeted causative analysis can yield valuable information that may enable bottom-line improvements. But, unless you know the causative agents behind the problems you’re trying to solve, you’re going miss the solution. Zest Fresh enables growers, distributors, and retailers to immediately see which pallets are most perishable and need to be sourced to markets faster.

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Zest Labs Fights Food Waste by Routing Pallets According to Real-time Freshness

Zest Labs has developed a technological solution that can reduce food waste by tracking produce’s freshness along the supply chain in real-time and routing them accordingly. Zest Fresh, involves IoT sensors placed in pallets of fruit or vegetables as soon as they are harvested and a “freshness metric” to determine the remaining shelf life, which can vary significantly between each one. The technology can improve freshness for customers and quickly increase retailers’ produce department margins, which ultimately benefits growers and distributors as well.

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Timing Is Everything When It Comes to Fresh Produce

Food waste is a frustrating phenomenon that not only affects our environment but also impacts consumers’ wallets and businesses’ bottom lines. Up to 40 percent of the food we produce gets thrown out, costing the nation an estimated $218 Billion each year. To fix a problem, we must understand the cause. In reality, most of the factors leading to food waste happen upstream in the supply chain before the produce ever reaches the store.

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How Grocers Can Reduce Food Waste and Improve Profitability

Margin pressures for retail grocers are being further squeezed due to increasing consumer expectations for high quality and low prices. Grocers can recover margins by reducing waste for fresh foods. The industry needs an accurate view of which produce has sufficient remaining shelf-life to meet freshness and sales requirements, and which produce will spoil before it can be sold and consumed. By leveraging actionable insights about remaining freshness, the way to reduce waste become clear, and grocers and other members of the supply chain can manage the variables affecting shelf life at the pallet level.

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Technology promises to calculate “true” shelf life

One of the causes of food waste is produce that goes bad earlier than expected. Of course, shipping produce that is fresh is the goal of every grower. In what manner it arrives and how fresh it remains once in the store, however, is largely out of their control. Zest Labs has come up with a solution called Zest Fresh that allows growers and shippers to know how long each pallet of their produce will remain fresh.

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Waste360 Article about Blockchain and Food Safety

Zest Labs Seeks to Prevent Food Waste at Harvest Level by Using IoT Technology

There is a lot of innovation happening right now in the fresh food industry. Over the last few years, significant investment has been made in AgTech (agriculture and technology) solutions, particularly preharvest for field management, irrigation and pest control. Now, the industry is turning its attention to postharvest AgTech, and that’s where one San Jose, Calif.-based company fits in.

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